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Seniors Expo - Celebrating Seniors Week with lots of joy, laughter and dancing 28/03/2023

The Timeless Healthcare physiotherapy team recently visited a local seniors expo to promote healthy aging and provide education about the benefits of physiotherapy for seniors. The event was a huge success, with many seniors enjoying the various activities, education, and dancing.

The Timeless Healthcare physiotherapy team provided information about the importance of maintaining mobility and independence as we age, as well as tips for preventing falls and injuries. The community was made aware of our willingness to help those in need.

The event was filled with fun and engaging activities, including dancing, exercise classes, and games. Many seniors were seen with smiles on their faces as they participated in the various activities and interacted with the team.

One senior attendee, Mary, said, "I never knew what physiotherapy was until this event. The team was so helpful and knowledgeable, and I feel more confident knowing someone will always be available to help me with my physical health needs."

The Timeless Healthcare physiotherapy team was thrilled with the turnout and the positive response from the seniors in attendance. "It was great to see so many seniors excited about maintaining their health and independence," said a Timeless Healthcare team member. "We hope to continue to promote healthy aging and the benefits of physiotherapy in our community."

Overall, the Timeless Healthcare physiotherapy team's visit to the seniors expo was a huge success, providing education, activities, and meeting with local business that are working with the same drive as us; promoting healthy aging. If you would like to leave any comments regarding the event or have any enquiries please contact us

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